Rental Properties

2531 Hilltop Apt 3$925$92522ST, RE, DWCentralNONOW1118Apt- Upstairs
1017 A Davidson Dr$695$69521ST, RE, DWCentralNONOW889Duplex
2305 B Jim Stokes Ct$995$99522ST, RE, DWCentralNONOW1170Duplex
450 Fussell Rd$2000$200032ST, DW, MW, RECentralNONOW1781House- LEE

ST = Stove   MW = Microwave   DI = Dishwasher   RE = Refrigerator

Please note: Rent on all units are subject to change due to typing errors, repairs or improvements.

If a property allows a pet then each pet must be approved through the application process and requires a $300.00 non-refundable Pet Fee for each pet, plus Pet Rent of $20.00 per month.

Renters Insurance is required for ALL properties. 

Prospective tenants must pre-qualify based on our income requirements BEFORE a viewing is scheduled.

All proposed occupants 18 + are required to pass a background check. ($10.00 per occupants).

If you are interested in one of our available rentals, your first step would be to fill out the application online. To receive the application, you will text your name, email address and the property address you are interested in to 229-869-4292. We will email the link to the application to you before the end of the business day. If there is more than one person applying, all parties will need to provide their names, email addresses and the property address. Each person must have their own email address.

Once we receive the application, our staff will review and verify your income and employment. We require you to make at least 3 times the rent amount in NET income each month and that you have been on your current job for a minimum of 12 months. If the information provided meets our qualifications, then we will set up a time for you to view the property. After viewing, you will need to let us know if you would like to proceed with processing your application. At that time, we will process your $40 application fee (per applicant), run a credit check, criminal background check and verify any rental history.

If your application is approved, we will contact you via text, email or phone with your next step.